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ارسال به دوستان  نسخه چاپی
 Iran backs unity in Iraq
Iran’s VP received KRG prime minister in Tehran and voiced Iran’s determination for expansion of ties with Iraq.

“Flourishing trade and economy across the shared borderline of Iran and Iraq will bring prosperity and security for the residents of both sides, and we are determined to develop trade along the border,” underlined Iran’s First Vice President Es’hagh Jahangiri in his meeting with visiting Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan's Region Nechervan Idris Barzani.

Barzani who arrived in Tehran on Saturday to attend the core group meeting of the Munich Security Conference (MSC), met with Jahangiri on Monday morning.

The Iranian official lamented that "Iraq is in real trouble suffering from security problems." He urged Iraqis to prioritize their national unity as the country is in serious threat from foreign-backed terrorist militias.

Saying that Iran backs all sects in Iraq the same Jahangiri affirmed that the expansion of all-out ties with Iraqi nation and government is the top priority of Tehran’s regional foreign policy. “As Iran defended Baghdad against ISIL, the same way it defended Erbil, as the Islamic Republic backs Iraqi Shias, Sunnis, and Kurds.”

Barzani for his part voiced gratitude of Iraqis for all the support provided by Iran in war against terrorism and the ISIL militias. “iran stood by Iraqi Kurdistan and the ties between the Islamic Republic and Iraqi Kurdistan's Regional Government are of historical and strategic importance,” ascertained the Iraqi Kurd official.

Calling the ISIL a very dangerous threat for Iraq, he warned of the consequences of the ideology and discourse of Wahabis. “The ISIL in Iraq is composed of extremists, and Ba’athis who intend to instill their mindset among the people while recruiting the youth under the pretext of Islam,” Barzani noted.

He also greeted the Islamic Republic for success in nuclear talks and voiced hope that the implementation of the JCPOA would pave the way for expansion of bilateral ties in trade and economy.

Barzani also hailed the huge potentials of Tehran-Erbil economic relations and expressed hope for development of border cooperation and private sector investment.

Calling unity a necessity for Iraq, he stressed that coherence among different Iraqi sects is even more significant than relations with other countries. 

Source: Mehr News Agancy
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