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  Istanbul's police attack people protesting Kurd lawyer killing
Date: 2015/11/29

  Iraqi Kurds unearth another mass grave near Sinjar
A mass grave containing the bodies of dozens of Izadi Kurds murdered by Takfiri Daesh terrorists has been discovered in northern Iraq.
Date: 2015/11/18

Mustafa Salim contributed to this report.:
  As their power grows, Iraq’s Kurds are fighting among themselves
By Loveday Morris October 12, 2015
Date: 2015/10/21

  Iran backs unity in Iraq
Iran’s VP received KRG prime minister in Tehran and voiced Iran’s determination for expansion of ties with Iraq.
Date: 2015/10/02

  Erdogan Needs Kurds of Iraq’s Kurdistan Province
An interview with Afshar Soleimani, Iran’s former ambassador to Azerbaijan and an expert on Turkish affairs
Date: 2015/10/01

  Challenges facing Turkey’s re-elected party
The ruling AKP party in Turkey, despite regaining its majority in the parliament, is facing an array of challenges to retake control of all remaining levers of power.
Date: 2015/09/30

Salah Sharafi, a leading member of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (KDPI) and Hussam Heydari, a local Swedish member, met with the Charge and underscored the importance of the KDPI chapter in Sweden.
Date: 2012/10/23

Justin Jouvenal:
  Police: Vienna man cashed forged check for $250K at casino
Fairfax County police have issued an arrest warrant for Michael Payam Oveysi, 36, of Vienna, in the alleged scheme, which is strikingly similar to one a Vienna lawyer was convicted of carrying out in 2003
Date: 2012/10/23

Human Rights:
  An open letter to Human Rights Watch
An open letter to Human Rights Watch
Date: 2010/01/13